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Collection of outdoor furniture for the terrace of Sectie-C in Eindhoven. After making a lot of indoor furniture based on large wooden beams, it was a nice challenge to translate it into an outdoor collection. The design is inspired by how wooden beams are stored at the lumber yard. By stacking the beams perpendicular to a slat to promote drying. This also creates an organized and balanced pile of wood.

The design is flexible to use. This way you can sit with two people or by adding several stools, 4-6 people can easily use it. By placing more sets against each other, a long table for 16 people is created. An additional advantage of the heavy beams is that it results in an indestructible design, perfect for outdoor terraces and other public places. The Douglas fir will slowly change to a pencil gray color over time.

Please send an email if you have any questions about prices and availability.

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Year: 2023


Oregon pine

Table + 2 stools: 149 x 98.5 x 75 cm.

Stool: 46 x 38 x 44.5 cm.

Bench: 200 x 38 x 44.5 cm.

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