Studio Onno Adriaanse is a sculptural design studio focused on unique design/art objects and high-quality interior applications, inspired by landscapes and their geological processes. The studio operates at the intersection of the functional aspect and the emotional experience that a design can bring about. Onno's design process is hands-on and material-oriented, resulting in statement pieces with a high level of craftsmanship.

The studio is located in Eindhoven (NL) and was founded in 2016 after he graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven. We work on both commissioned and self-initiated projects. The art and design pieces are sold through collaborations with galleries and exhibited at various art/design fairs. In addition, high-quality interior finishes are created for architects and interior designers. This allows the recognisable material finish and colour scheme of the studio to not only be used in individual objects but to also be utilised in the development of entire interiors, walls, etc.

Earthly processes always form the basis of a design. The fascination that Onno had as a child for stones, animals, and plants is still present and is now translated into design and art objects. He tries to make the wonder and magic that you can feel in many of these natural phenomena visible by emphasising certain elements, copying shapes, and using colours. The work is characterised by a focus on craftsmanship and intensive material processing. Modern machines and techniques are not avoided, but handwork remains crucially important in the design, and artistic choices are visible in the material.

The collections are unique because they represent very recognisable aspects of nature that we hardly (if ever) see in our daily lives. For example, everyone immediately recognises the shape of dried-up soil in the Clay Discs (2022), even though it is not something people often see in real life. And with Tide (2023), a unique imprint of the beach is brought into our busy daily lives. Everyone remembers a walk on the beach. The salty air, the wind, and the sound of the waves. These moments of happiness are the goal. With his artworks and material finishes, Onno wants to create a world in which one can wind down and be amazed by the forms and materials. A world that is less focused on the digital age, high pace, and solutions, and that is more based on a sense of recognition of earthly processes, colours, and tranquillity.

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