Onno grew up in Zeeland and used to spend a lot of time on the beach. During walks on the beach, he was always fascinated by the patterns left in the sand by the sea during low tide. In 2017, he started making prints of this moment. With moulds and kilograms of plaster, he would go to the beach early in the morning to copy the most beautiful patterns He wanted to team up with the sea. After all, each pattern is unique and disappears forever once the tide turns. The plaster tiles are then taken to his workshop in Eindhoven and used as a negative to make a tile out of epoxy clay. A silicone mould is then made of this so that the final wall object can be cast with coloured transparent polyester.

Ultimately, he wants to create a series of several days in the year in which he searches for the most beautiful patterns in the sand. These days can be linked to special moments in the tidal process, such as slack tides, spring tides, and neap tides. In addition, the project relates to time. Time linked to data, we can predict astronomical tides with reasonable accuracy years in advance. But the pattern in the sand only exists for a few hours. He usually only has an hour to cast the plaster before the water rises again, but the pattern he copies will exist forever.

Tide wallobject no. 1

Year: unveiled 2023

Photos: casting process on the beach

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