Image by Cleo Goossens

Studio Onno Adriaanse

Studio Onno Adriaanse is a Dutch design studio, based in Eindhoven and founded by Onno Adriaanse (1991). After being graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven, the studio was founded in 2016.

Studio Onno Adriaanse is a sculptural design studio making art installations and extraordinary pieces of furniture. Onno is working on the thin line between the functional aspect and the emotional experience that a design can create. Usually a material itself is the start of a new design process, using the characteristics of the material as a guide.

Onno’s work is available via Rossana Orlandi, Kullis Gallery and Art Company. Or by sending an email to the studio.

You can always contact the studio with your questions or requests. And of course you are very welcome to view the work in the studio in Eindhoven.